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Carmen Redondo, Spanish young artist, possesses an extraordinary talent, whose work combines great technique, expressive power and prodigious creative sensitivity, being defined by critics and gallery owners as a Modern Symbolist of the XXIst Century.


Through her unique pictorial language, she works timely and universal topics as loneliness, friendship, the search for identity, isolation or the real sense of life. Each work places the viewer in front of a unique experience that invites him/her to an internal revolution and a deep personal exploration of essentials.


Psychology, philosophy and spirituality; claim or complaint; the subtle and everyday life beat in her paintings through lines, colors, lights and shadows that seem to describe to the viewer a timeless truth embodied in a clear and understandable way.  In short, traveling Carmen Redondo´s world is entering into an unusual world by the hand of one of the most important painters of our time.



Chema Vilchez (Musician and Writer)


Pintura Simbolista del siglo XXI. Figuración. Spanish Contemporary Symbolism Dibujos e ilustraciones simbolistas. Figurativa. Spanish artist/ Symbolism/ Drawings with a meaning
Ilustraciones de Carmen Redondo para el libro: Por qué el destino puso este libro en tus manos. Cuentos y relatos" de Chema Vílchez. Symbolism



Selected oils on canvas, worked over the last years, where the artist thinks over standing items now.



"29 tales full of deep wisdom connected with difficult times we are living today; these stories open a door full of sense and beauty beyond appearance. And all that matches with Carmen Redondo´s illustrations, a brilliant and singular artist who has masterfully been able to portray the essence of each narration"

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