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Pictorial reflection on peace, dialogue and tolerance, taking as reference an extraordinary period of time in which Christians, Jews and Muslims developed a framework of coexistence unique in the history of mankind.



Taking as a reference the Hebrew, Christian and Arabic legacy, the artist uses symbolic language to make us reflect on the human condition over any creed, doctrine or philosophy of life. Carmen Redondo captures scenes, symbols, landscapes, in short, people who share desires and values as the pursuit of happiness, truth, freedom. And so, using painting and drawing as a tool for deepening in these respects, the artist is about the very core, where an image can invite us to deep reflection, and she desires that these works arouse in the viewer a way to dialogue, tolerance and to the common good, beyond cultural, religious and ideological differences.


The reproduced works are a selection of the whole project and were finished between 2007-20010, on paper, using a wide variety of techniques, from watercolor to pen, through ink and collage. They are part of a joint project with Chema Vilchez, Spanish Musician, in which music and drawing are complementary and mutually enriching.